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Aim of the AEB Provision

1. The priorities of the Greater Manchester Strategy 2021-2031 good lives for all: Greater Manchester is a great place to grow up, get on and grow old; a great place to invest, do business, visit and study to become:
- A greener Greater Manchester: Responding to climate emegency.
- A fairer Greater Manchester: Addressing inequalities and improving wellbeing for all.
- A more prosperous Greater Manchester: Driving local and UK growth.

2. Unemployed residents, including those furthest away from the labour market and residents who are economically inactive with the potential of re-entering the workplace, to develop the essential skills and occupational competencies needed to progress further in learning, work or careers, on courses aligned with local employer needs.

3. Employed residents, to improve their skills and be more productive, or retrain to find a better job supporting in-work progression for adults into higher level careers, adapting to changing employer needs.

4. Occupational skills gaps to support our business needs, providing employers with a locally skilled workforce.

AEB Main Objectives
  1. Encourage residents to re-engage with skills and training at any point in their lives, no matter what qualifications they have previously attained.
  2. Supporting residents to acquire a good level of competence in essential life skills such as maths, English and digital literacy.
  3. Helping residents develop the skills and occupational competencies needed to progress further in their learning, work or careers on courses aligned with local employer needs.
AEB Goals
  • Increasing prosperity
  • Reducing inequalities
  • Focusing on local needs
  • Achieving carbon neutral Greater Manchester
Priority Sectors for Greater Manchester
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Financial & Professional
  • Digital & Technology
  • Creative, Culture & Sport
  • Construction & Green Economy
  • Education & Early Years
  • Health & Social Care