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Business Admin Learner Journey


Here at Get SET Academy, we are dedicated to nurturing the professional and personal development of our apprentices. We have had the privilege to watch the journey of Rehana unfold as she has immersed herself in her role as a Business Administration apprentice, exhibiting versality, commitment, and progression. Our apprenticeship programme exists to empower those like Rehana by providing the space for individuals to learn, gain real experience, and showcase their skills in the workforce.

The Business Administrator role typically involves working within a team and developing and implementing administrative services. A Business Administrator interacts with different parts of the organisation, providing support to functional areas and internal or external customers. Their flexibility allows the apprentice to develop a wide range of skills whilst they contribute to the organisation’s efficiency. Business Administrators develop key abilities which will aid their progression into a managerial role.  

Rehana’s testimonial encompasses our vision of an apprenticeship experience.

“This programme has been invaluable in equipping me with the skills needed for the Business Administrator position and beyond. The blend of mentorship and real work experience has allowed both my abilities and confidence to excel. Get SET have been with me every step of the way and I’m excited to continue in the Business Administration role full time.”

The Business Administrator apprenticeship programme has allowed Rehana to obtain full-time employment. Rehana’s learning journey embodies our values at Get SET Academy; we could not be prouder of what Rehana has achieved.

Looking ahead to the future, we remain committed and passionate in providing valuable training experiences for all our apprentices in their various programmes. Our apprentices’ success is ours as it is a pleasure to witness them shine within their chosen field.

Join us at Get SET Academy, and let’s embark on a journey of growth, discovery, and success together.