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Apprenticeship Myths


Apprenticeships are a great way to kick start your career, learn practical skills and gain a recognised qualification, however there are still misconceptions surrounding them that people believe to be true.  

Myth: Apprenticeships are only for young people.
Fact: While apprenticeships are certainly a great option for young people, they are also available to individuals of all ages. According to data from the UK Department for Education, in 2020/2021, over a quarter of all apprenticeship starts were by individuals aged 25 and over.

Myth: Apprenticeships are only for low-skilled jobs.
Fact: Apprenticeships are available at various levels, from intermediate (Level 2) to degree (Level 6 and 7) and cover a wide range of industries and job roles. In 2021/2022, the most popular sector for apprenticeship starts were business and administration, data, finance and cyber security.

Myth: Apprenticeships are only for those who didn't do well in school.
Fact: Apprenticeships are open to individuals of all academic backgrounds, and many apprentices continue to further progress in their career path after their apprenticeship.

Myth: Apprenticeships are a last resort.
Fact: Apprenticeships are a valuable and viable option for individuals looking to gain skills and knowledge in their chosen field and canlead to highly skilled and well-paid careers.

Myth: Employers are not interested in hiring apprentices.
Fact: Many employers view apprenticeships to develop their own talent pipeline and offer progression opportunities to apprentices who demonstrate the right skills and attitude. Apprenticeships can be a cost-effective way for employers to train their workforce and meet their skills needs.

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