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Payroll Administrator Level 3

Business & Administration
18 - 21 Months
Payroll Administrators are often located in businesses, organisations, payroll bureaus, bookkeeping or accounting practices, and professional service companies. This role is usually within the HR or Finance function to orchestrate and operate the payroll systems within organisations. A Payroll Administrator may work as part of a team often reporting to a team leader or manager.
End Point Assessment
  • Multiple-Choice Assessment
  • The Role Simulation
  • The Professional Discussion
What Next?

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Payroll Administrator Level 3

Who is it for?

The Payroll Administrator apprenticeship is for any individual that is willing to work as part of a team, often reporting to a team leader, supervisor, or manager. In smaller organisations, a Payroll Administrator maybe a stand-alone role with sole responsibility for the payroll function.

Key Responsibilities may include:

Payroll Administrators will typically have responsibility for setting up and operating the payroll within the organisation in which they are employed or on behalf of another organisation in medium to large organisations.

Occupations may include:

Payroll Executive, HR and Payroll Officer, Payroll Administrator, Payroll Advisor, Payroll Assistant, Payroll Clerk, Payroll Analyst, Payroll Manager, Reward Administrator, Bureau Administrator.

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