Work Experience

Finding work without being able to point to relevant career experience can be difficult. In fact, it can sometimes feel like an unwinnable battle. But that’s why work experience can be so valuable.

At Get SET Academy, we work with hundreds of businesses, charities and social enterprises, and many of them use us to help them find new apprentices and employees. Some of them will also host work experience placements.


In some cases, it’s because they want to help: they recognise that being able to highlight experience on a CV can open doors that otherwise stay shut. In other cases, it could be because they’re looking to expand their workforce and hosting a short-term work experience scheme could help them to identify potential employees. If they are looking out for people who are hard-working, committed and keen to succeed, a work placement is often a great way to discover the best candidates.


In either case, work experience can be an important first step towards finding yourself a more rewarding career.

The Support We Provide

We recognise that taking those next steps can be daunting, so we provide useful support along the way. For example, we’ll prepare you by explaining what to expect: what the organisation does, where to go, who’ll be your main point of contact and what they’ll be expecting from you.


A work experience placement is a great way of getting to know a sector, a business and the work involved. For many people, it helps them make better decisions about what sort of work they really want; what makes them happy and where they fit in best. And, of course, it’s also a great way for employers to get to know you and to recognise your strengths. That’s why it’s so often a pathway to permanent employment.

Find Out More

We organise work experience placements through a number of employment support projects, and in conjunction with key agencies such as JobCentre Plus. Contact us on 01254 679998 for more information.