You might want to re-train for a number of different reasons.

  • You might feel that you’re in a dead-end job
  • You might be looking for promotion
  • You might want a different job that pays more
  • You might want more of a challenge
  • You might be facing the threat of redundancy
  • You might want to work for a different employer
  • You might be thinking about relocating and finding a new job
  • Your existing job might just not make you happy

Whatever your reasons, we’ll absolutely respect your wish to retrain and we’ll do all we can to help you.

New skills are a pathway to a new, more secure future, and at Get SET Academy, we can help you get them. We offer a choice of bespoke and fully accredited courses. Our accredited courses are described separately but bespoke training could cover almost anything.

Sometimes, we’ll work with you and your employer to agree a programme that will help you on your way to a promotion, more responsibility and more pay. At other times, we’ll work with you alone to give you the skills support you need to make your next move.

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We offer a number of different pathways to re-training and some will be more suitable for you than others. But let’s get things started with a discussion. Please call us today on 01254 679998.