One-to-one Support

At Get SET Academy, we’re genuinely committed to helping people to succeed – to gain skills, to find work, to further their careers and to build better lives for themselves. That’s the goal that gets us out of bed in the morning.

However, there is no single route to success. So much depends on the individual: their work history, experience and education, their personal circumstances and where they want to go in life. That’s why we’ll always treat you as an individual, and why many of our projects begin with a personal assessment.

Personal Assessments

An assessment is really no more than a discussion; a chance for us to get to know your circumstances and your ambitions. It’s how we match your skills and aspirations with the needs of local employers, so that you both get the result you want.


We’ll also note any existing qualifications or work experience you might have and work with you to agree a training plan that will help you fill any skills gaps and get you to where you want to be.


Our work doesn’t stop once we have understood your goals, and agreed a support programme to help you achieve them. On many programmes, we’ll also back that with one-to-one mentoring: periodic catch-up meetings to make sure that your training is on track, that you’re happy with your progress, and that we can address any obstacles that might be getting in your way.

It’s an important process that helps you stay in control of the pace and direction of your learning.