Life Skills

For some people, the road to employment is a long one, and there are some important steps to be taken before you’re ready to start sending your CV to employers.

For many people, those first steps can include developing vital life skills. These could relate to daily tasks around the house, developing your communication skills or just building more confidence in yourself.

If you need help with some practical issues, we can offer that too. We provide help and advice about:

  • Using the internet / email
  • Using public transport
  • Using public services such as healthcare and childcare
  • Banking services

As you gain skills and confidence, your focus might change. You might want to start looking at building a career, so your emphasis might switch to tasks such as:

  • Job-search
  • CV-writing
  • Interview skills

Wherever you are on your personal journey, we can help. Get SET Academy has helped hundreds people with life skills, confidence-building, job-hunting and work placements. We can do the same for you.

We make the process friendly and simple, so if you’d like help in taking your next steps, please get in touch.