Retail Team Leader Level 3

Occupational profile

Retail team leaders are a critical support to managers, delivering exceptional customer service and a positive experience to customers, and may have to deputise for managers in their absence. The role is dynamic and in one day can involve a variety of different functions. Most significantly retail team leaders guide and coordinate the work of the team to complete tasks, identify and explore opportunities that drive sales, ensuring team members maintain business standards in relation to merchandising, service and promotional activities, in line with procedures. Retail team leaders get the most from their team on a day to day basis, ensuring they are fully trained and work effectively and to the best of their ability.

  • Customer- Understand the customer profile of the business, their purchasing habits across a retail calendar year and how to meet and exceed their needs. Know the best ways to drive the team to increase sales, secure customer loyalty and attain business targets.
  • Business- Understand the purpose of the business including its vision, objectives and brand / business standards, how they compare to its competitors and how their own role, and the team, help to achieve them.
  • Financial- Understand how their own actions and those of the team can contribute to the overall financial performance of the business by increasing sales.
  • Leadership- Understand how to organise the team on a daily basis to achieve objectives, and recognise the importance of contingency planning to meet business requirements; know limits of authority when deputising for line manager.
  • Communication- Adapt style of communication according to the audience, monitor the effectiveness of and encourage excellent communications across all operations that achieve the best result for the business including verbal, written and on-line communications
  • Product and Service- Maximise opportunities to increase sales by ensuring team know and understand the features, benefits, unique selling points and other relevant information relating to products, product ranges and services offered by the business
  • Merchandising- Ensure team replenish and maintain merchandising according to business requirements, the retail calendar and local needs
  • Technology- Oversee the appropriate use of technology in line with business policy and follow the appropriate procedures to deal with service issues
  • Diversity- Operate in an empathic, fair and professional manner with all individuals regardless of background and circumstances
  • Legal and  governance- Be responsible, advocate and adhere to the importance of working legally in the best interests of all people
  • Team performance- Positively and confidently challenge poor performance and reward excellent performance in line with business procedures
  • Developing self and others- Take responsibility for own performance, learning and development. Develop positive relationships with team members, embracing new and better ways of working

Entry Requirements

Employers will set their own entry requirements, but it is expected that the individual would have worked in an operational role within the industry to start on this apprenticeship standard.


Based on the entry requirements the minimum duration for this qualification is of 12 months.


This apprenticeship standard is set at level 3.