At Get SET Academy we offer much more than great quality of teaching, learning and assessment. We are there all the way throughout your journey to support any further needs you may have. We understand everyone is different. All learners at Get SET Academy have access to a safe learning environment and a fair opportunity.

Get SET Academy can help you with many things such as:

• Programme and Career, Information, Advice and Guidance
• Mental Health and Wellbeing
• English, Maths and ICT
• Dedicated Safeguarding Officer
• Financial Advice
• Workplace Health & Safety
• Additional learning support
• Physical Health and Wellbeing

Training provider

This is something we really pride ourselves on. We go above and beyond to make sure your learner journey goes smoothly and we help you overcome any barriers you may face along the way.

Support sessions can be arranged by contacting Learning Support on 01254 679998
or emailing