Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW)

SSW is a national programme designed to help workers in existing jobs to move into more rewarding and more highly-skilled roles.

We’ll work with you and your employer to identify what skills you most need to develop. Employers will generally have plans for business expansion and for workforce skills development, so we’ll help to ensure that your career progression is part of those plans. That means that you’ll need to develop the skills that your employer actually needs, and that’s the point of the initial discussions. It ensures that you spend your time effectively, on the skills that will maximise your employment security and your prospects of promotion.

Once we’ve done that, the next stage is to develop a personal learning programme. That’s a step-by-step plan that sets out what courses you’ll take and when, and how we and your employer will support you on the way.

The learning plan could include standard, accredited courses or specially tailored programmes that relate specifically to your role and employer requirements. It could even be a mix of both. It will also include time for one-to-one mentoring, advice and guidance to keep you firmly on the road to a better future.


The support is free. Your employer will normally start the application process.

Coverage and Location

We deliver across Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Learning will usually take place in the workplace but, alternatively, it could be delivered remotely or at an external venue.

Find Out More

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